2024 Montessori of Walnut Summer 
Swim Program Information
June 5, 7, 12, 14, *17, 21, 26 & 28
July 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26, 31 
+ August 2, 7 & 9

PRIVATE = 1 Student | 1 Teacher
SEMI-PRIVATE = 2 Students | 1 Teacher

Children must be at least 3yrs old & FULLY potty trained by start date to be eligible to participate in this program.
No Refunds. No Prorates. No Make-Up Lessons.
[See Policies at the bottom of this page]
8 (30 minute) Lessons
Payment Types Accepted

                          1. CASH
                          2. CHECK
                          3. ZELLE
                          4. APPLE PAY

Fee's can be split into 2 separate 
payment types if you wish to do so.
For example, half Cash + half Zelle.

Payments will not be accepted until application is approved by swim staff.

Payment Due Dates
Single Session fees are due in full within 3
business days of registration confirmation.
NO REFUNDS once payments are made.

Available when registering for 
MULTIPLE SESSIONS only.  One session is due IN FULL (within 3 business days of approved application) + 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of remaining session/s total. 

See payment breakdown below for your desired session and class type.

Semi-Private =$375.00 Due Upfront
                                 $250.00 Balance Due 6/26/2024
                                 $250.00 Balance Due 7/31/2024

Private =            $750.00 Due Upfront
                                $500.00 Balance Due 6/26/2024
                                $500.00 Balance Due 7/31/2024

SESSION 1 + 2 or SESSION 1 + 3:
Semi-Private = $331.00 Due Upfront
                                  $264.00 Balance Due 6/26/2024 for Session 1+2 | 7/31/2024 for Session 1+3

Private =            $662.00 Due Upfront
                                $528.00 Balance Due 6/26/2024 for Session 1+2 | 7/31/2024 for Session 1+3

SESSION 2 + 3:
Semi-Private = $390.00 Due Upfront
                                  $260.00 Balance Due 7/31/2024

Private =            $780.00 Due Upfront
                                $520.00 Balance Due 7/31/2024
How Our School Swim Programs Work:

1. Register ONLINE HERE.*Form will be closed once all spots are filled. Waiting list will remain open.

2. After you receive your registration confirmation email, please read all of the important instructions on how to finish the registration process.

3. Turn-In your class fee/s, within 3 business days of confirmation or risk losing your spot.

4. Print or familiarize yourself with the "SWIM LESSON CHECK OFF LIST" before lessons begin.

5. Pack your child's Swim To You "Swim Bag" with items on the check off list. Please write their name on all personal items. Don't forget to bring the swim bag to school!

6. Dress your child in their swim attire on the days of their lessons, with easy to remove top layers (if preferred), to make the changing process faster, so they will not be late to start their lessons for AM lessons! For girls, consider a two piece swim suit as they will have to use the restroom at some point before lessons.

7. Miss Amy will be responsible for the swim students before, during and after each lesson. Parents do not need to be in attendance during lessons as Miss Amy will take care of EVERYTHING including:

    * Picking students up from their classrooms
    * Getting students ready in time for their lessons
    * Walking students to the pool
    * Teaching the swim lessons
    * Rinsing students in the shower and drying them
    * Changing students back into dry, clean clothes
    * Taking students back to their classrooms

8. Please note these important things:

    * Sunscreen must be applied at home
    * DO NOT pack swim toys or flotation devices of any kind
    * Good quality and properly fitting goggles are ALLOWED & RECOMMENDED
    * Please do not distract our students during lessons
    * Parents are NOT allowed in the "changing area"
    * Write your child's name on all personal items
    * Additional sun protection is highly recommended
     (waterproof hats,  swim shirts, etc.)

9. Class times are scheduled by Miss Amy and depend on skill level + each students school schedule. 30 minute classes are held between 9:30AM-1:00PM (morning lessons) and 3:00PM-5:30PM (afternoon lessons).

10. As  recommended by the American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics swim lessons, the pool is heated between 86-89 degrees. Please note, 90 degree water temperature feels similar to 80 degree air temperature. 

11. Please review your child's progress report at the end of each session to check what they have learned and accomplished. Always praise your child on their accomplishments! For very fearful students, even putting on a swim suit is an accomplishment! 

12. You are investing a lot of money to have professionals teach your child important water safety LIFE skills in very important steps, so please refrain from teaching them yourself between lessons as it could hinder their progress! Each student progresses at their own pace that is comfortable to them, so please be patient. However, we do recommend as much FUN and SAFE water exploration as possible under adult supervision in any swimming pool you can access! The more exposure, the better!! 

13. Lessons taught at the Montessori of Walnut are American Red Cross Preschool Aquatics Levels 1-3. Students in PRIVATE lessons (or older Semi-Private lesson students) who successfully pass Level 3 will progress to Learn to Swim Level 2, 3 or 4. 

14. PLEASE NOTE: Permission from the school director is required (and not guaranteed) to watch your child's swim lesson. Video recording and photography is prohibited in Semi-Private swim lessons if another child is present. 

All paid & registered students will receive 1 "Swim To You" swim bag to use on swim lesson days. 

Additional bags are available at any time for $15.00
August 14, 16, 21, 23, 28
+ September 4, 6, 11, 13 & 18
8 (30 minute) Lessons 
Please note, *June 17 is a Monday
Classes are held every
Semi- Private = $280.00 
                                                    EACH Student

Private = $560.00 
                                   EACH Student
10 (30 minute) Lessons
Semi-Private = $350.00
EACH Student EACH Session

Private = $700.00
EACH Student EACH Session
 Available when Booking Multiple Sessions UPFRONT
All 3 Sessions | 28 Lessons Total

Semi-Private Lessons = $875.00 ($105 Savings)
Private Lessons = $1,750.00 ($205 Savings)
2 Sessions | 18 Lessons Total
[Session 1 + Session 2OR  [Session 1 + Session 3

Semi-Private Lessons = $595.00  ($35 Savings)
Private Lessons = $1,190.00 ($70 Savings)

2 Sessions | 20 Lessons Total
​Session 2 + Session 3

Semi-Private Lessons = $660.00 ($40 Savings)
Private Lessons = $1,320.00 ($80 Savings)
10 (30 minute) Lessons
10 (30 minute) Lessons
10 (30 minute) Lessons
Semi-Private = $350.00
EACH Student EACH Session

Private = $700.00
EACH Student EACH Session
2024 "Swim To You" Swim Program Policies

Before applying in the "Swim To You" Summer Swim Program at the Montessori of Walnut, it is imperative that you understand our policies as you will be required to sign an agreement upon applying:

Attendance and Make-Up Lessons Policy:
• Due to the nature of this seasonal program, under no circumstances will make-up lessons be provided for missed classes.This policy applies regardless of the reason for the absence, including illness, vacations, or any other personal commitments.
• Pro-rates for missed classes will not be offered.

Payment Terms:
• Payment is due within 3 business days from the date of your application approval email.
• Once payment has been made, it is non-refundable.
• Failure to complete payment or communicate with "Swim To You" within 7 days of application approval will result in the immediate release of your spot, necessitating reapplication for enrollment.

Voluntary Participation:
• Participation in this program is entirely voluntary and considered an extracurricular activity.
• By proceeding with your application, you explicitly acknowledge and agree to adhere to these uncompromising policies.

"Swim To You" is committed to upholding these strict standards to ensure a fair and consistent experience for all participants as well as to protect "Swim To You" and "Motivated Youth in Action, LLC."

Thank you for your understanding!